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Mientras una Hoja Respira (While a Leaf Breathes) at Hampshire College Art Gallery, Feb 15 — March 22
• Artist talk, SAIC- School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Mar 19
• FIBRA Colectivo at "Habitar Futuros Posibles" Museum of Contemporary Art in Lima, Mar 21 — Apr 23
ARHA Faculty and Staff Show Amherst College, Feb 21 — Apr 29
• FIBRA Colectivo solo show at NOW Gallery, Lima, Aug 1
ARTEONICA: Art, Science, and Technology in Latin America Today MOLAA - Museum of Latin American Art, Sep 7 — Feb 2 2025


Mientras una Hoja Respira (While a Leaf Breathes) solo show at ArtYard, Oct 28 — Jan 28
Lucia Monge Collaborates With Living Organisms for While a Leaf Breathes Hyperallergic, Nov 8
• FIBRA Colectivo in The Work of Art in the Age of Planetary Destruction edited by David Osrin and Aarathi Prasad.
• Plantón Móvil on the archival issue of CSPA Quarterly from the Centre for Sustainable Arts, edited by Jaime Morra and Evelyn O'Malley
• FIBRA's work featured in Yasmine Ostendorf's book "Let's Become Fungal! Mycelium Teachings and the Arts"


Desbosque: desenterrando señales

FIBRA Colectivo

“Desbosque” es una bioinstalación que transmite el ritmo de la deforestación en Ucayali, Perú.

Desbosque is a fungi broadcast of deforestation in Ucayali, Peru.


Unearthing Futures / Desenterrando Futuros


Unearthing Futures is a collaboration with Xin Liu that asks who gets to go to space? Who even gets to imagine themselves going to space?


Tools for many kinds of selves / Herramientas para distintas formas de ser

Mixed media // 2017-ongoing

"Ways of being are emergent effects of encounters" Anna Tsing


Plantón Móvil

Plants, trees and people // 2010-ongoing


Fruiting Bodies / Cuerpos Fructíferos



Re-Performeando a Darwin / Re-Performing Darwin



Mi niño, your dryspell, their waterfall



[Nos]Otros / [Our]Others

Found tree limbs + second hand shoes // 2015, 2016


Body partes

Primer Contacto

Installation of plants connected to the human organ system, a drawing table with speakers and a pen attached to a contact microphone // 2013


Arcadia Artificial

escultura / sculpture

drawing / dibujo

Pañuelos de Despedida / Farewell Handkerchiefs

Fabric, water-soluble and permanent markers, thread, appliqués, ribbons // 2008-2009


Mitin Gap

[experimental] Conversations between people speaking in foreign languages // 2013-2015



Lucia Monge is a Peruvian artist whose work explores the ways humans position ourselves within the natural world and relate to other living beings, especially plants. For the past 13 years she has organized Plantón Móvil, a yearly “walking forest” performance that has led to the creation of green spaces in Lima, London, Minneapolis, Providence, New York, and Paris. Other recent projects include exploring vulnerability through plant respiration, a "fungi broadcast" about deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon, and sending potato seeds to space as messengers for non-colonial visions of space travel.

Monge has shown her work internationally, including at the Queens Museum, Whitechapel Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art in Lima, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Ars Electronica, and the Havana and OCAT (Shenzhen) biennales. Her work has been featured in publications such as MoMA’s Uneven Growth, Global Performance Studies, and with FIBRA in Eco-Lógicas Latinas, among other. She holds an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA from Universidad Católica del Perú, she is a founding member of FIBRA collective, and an Assistant Professor of Art at Amherst College.

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